dream matatu playlist

Here is a small collection of the music that surrounds us. Literally  – almost daily we take a matatu – public transportation that is essentially a better version of an american party bus. They have huge speakers and tv screens and flaunt recording artists, basketball teams and brands ( such as timberland)  as decorations.

We spent one evening scouring youtube for the titles of our favorite songs. Here are the ones we love hearing on our commute – mainly pop, hiphop and dancehall. There are so many we couldn’t find and will be adding later.

Sauti Sol – Kenyan Afro-pop band

Live and Die in Africa – This video was shot in Nairobi and portrays a much more real setting than many videos.


Yemi Alade – Ft. Sauti Sol – Nigerian Star made famous through a talent tv show

Pantoranking – My woman, My everything (Carly’s favorite) – Nigerian artist

Teknomiles – Nigerian Artist

It’s only appropriate to share a few songs from Diamond Platnumz – he’s everywhere. He is a “bongo flava” artist from Tanzania.


Nakula kwa macho – means “eating with eyes” in swahili – aka its a smooth pick up line

Eddy Kenzo – Zigido (seeing success) is about a boy who grew up in the slum and flourish because of his hard work and faith in god


P-square – Nigerian twin brothers who signed a contract with Akon’s recording label.

Alkaline – Jamaican Dancehall Artist – Yes his eyes look weird (they are tattooed) – also this is an essentially all around crude video- but we couldn’t leave it out.




One thought on “dream matatu playlist

  1. Scott

    Hey Carly,thanks for the Matatu playlist post,lots of fun !Understanding the culture and what motivates people is an important part of understanding. It’s a great way to get in touch, and I know you enjoy discovering the music and culture too.

    Enjoy !!


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